Monday, February 15, 2016

NSW ALP Elephant Gives Birth to Mouse

The NSW ALP elephant labored... and brought forth a mouse (to the sound of champagne corks popping at Israel lobby HQ):

"The final version passed by the NSW conference said that 'in addition to' the travel arrangements in place for NSW state MPs, it 'encourages all party members visiting the region for the purpose of understanding the conflict to spend substantial time in both Israel and Palestine'." (Compromise struck on Israel trips, Mark Coultan, The Australian, 15/2/16)

- encourages... for the purpose of understanding the conflict... substantial time... LOL

Motions "calling on Labor to immediately recognise Palestine," "ban sponsored trips to Israel," and "boycott products from Israel or Israel's West Bank settlements," were "headed off by the party's international relations policy committee, which crafted a resolution supporting a compromise policy carried at the last national ALP conference."

- headed off by the party's international relations policy committee... LOLOL

And the chair of the party's heading the Palestinians off at the pass committee is?

Former senator and 2008 rambammer, Michael (Nothing to see here) Forshaw... LOLOLOL

Meanwhile, in Israeli-occupied Palestine:

"Over 170 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces and settlers since a wave of unrest spread across the occupied Palestinian territory in October." (Israeli forces shoot, critically injure 14-year-old girl,, 14/2/16)

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Anonymous said...

How about they actually read a few reliable history books and the Geneva Conventions to 'understand' or is that to hard for the twitterarti ?