Friday, February 12, 2016

The Bodies in the Basement

Now here's a hardworking Labor man who's clearly had enough and just won't take it anymore:

"West Australian Labor senator Glenn Sterle has accused the party's NSW branch of trying to introduce an indefensible 'back-door ban' on MP visits to Israel by mandating a 'ludicrous and deeply insulting' condition that half the trip be spent in the Palestinian territories. Senator Sterle said the push was really an attempt to render sponsored trips to Israel unviable by increasing travel costs, and amounted to an admission that Israel was seen only within the context of the ongoing Middle East conflict. 'The idea is to learn about the country, not merely the conflict in which it is involved,' he told The Australian. 'To saddle participants with an arbitrary requirement that they cut their time in half would make it almost impossible to learn anything worthwhile...' Former Labor foreign minister... Bob Carr has backed a system under which MPs would be 'obliged to spend an equivalent time ' inspecting the conditions of Palestinians on trips to Israel. Mr Carr said opponents of this plan did not want MPs to see 'the conditions that apply to Arab residents of the West Bank' who were 'living under an Israeli occupation that has lasted 49 years.' Senator Sterle - who has been on six sponsored visits to Israel - slammed Mr Carr's comments, accusing him of implying that MPs lacked the 'intelligence and integrity' to make a 'proper assessment' of what they were shown and told..." (ALP's 'backdoor ban' on Israel, Joe Kelly, The Australian, 11/2/16)

Look, I can see Glenn's point. When you go to Bibi's place - and who can resist an invite, or two, or three, or four, or five, or six, to Bibi's, right? - you're going for a good time. You're not going for the bodies in the basement, dammit.


Anonymous said...

Ah..... Labor; the party for the downtrodden and dispossessed occupiers and defiant self righteous war criminals.

Send these fawning and obsequious party hacks back to school to learn basic international law. That's black letter LAW.

Anonymous said...

Attaching oneself to political Zionism has become political poison these days. Just ask Hillary Clinton.

No amount of campaign donations will cover up the stench. Just ask Hillary Clinton, again.

Anonymous said...

Then we have Greg Hunt's planned appearance in March at a JNF fundraiser....just another politician adding to the woes of the dispossessed.

Grappler said...

Unfortunately Anonymous Number 2, it appears that Sanders is little better. He is less likely to go to war for Israel but he will continue to provide financial and materiel support.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Grappler. Perhaps Sanders appeal is that he is NOT Hillary Clinton. And who could be more pro Zionist than Hillary Clinton?