Thursday, September 22, 2016

A Charming Visitor from Israel

This bloke was born in the Ukraine, migrated to "the only democracy in the Middle East," became a minister in the Netanyahu government, squats in a West Bank settlement, wants Israel to annex the West Bank, and is now in Australia to tell us we're being "ridiculous" and "anti-Semitic":

"A senior Israeli government minister has criticised as 'concerning' a new Labor publication produced for politicians who visit the only democracy in the Middle East. Ze'ev Elkin, who met Julie Bishop last week, told The Australian it was ridiculous to enforce requirements on how much time MPs spend in Israel and the Palestinian Territories and said anti-Israeli sentiment was the new politically correct form of anti-Semitism... Mr Elkin, who is in Australia to discuss environmental co-operation with the NSW and federal governments, said he was worried by anti-Semitism which, in his experience, was usually preceded by anti-Israel sentiment." (Labor guidelines a 'concern' for Israeli minister, Sharri Markson, The Australian, 20/9/16)

Oh, and:

"Mr Elkin... revealed he had little hope for a peace agreement with the Palestinian Authority in the near future..."

Not, of course, that this has anything to do with his living in an Israeli settlement and wanting Israel to stop mucking around and annex the West Bank. Funny how Ms Markson left out that wee detail.

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Grappler said...

About the author:

She visited a hospital in Israel treating wounded terrorists (of course the Australian media wouldn't call them that) and made the mistake of taking details from the patients. The Israelis don't want that!