Friday, September 23, 2016

Magic Happens

Remember how the proposed UC Berkeley course on Zionist settler-colonialism was dropped after Zionists pressured the university administration?* Well, the students who'd enrolled pushed back, and... magic happened:

"After an abrupt suspension last Tuesday, a college course about the decolonization of Palestine has earned a reprieve from the University of California on Monday. After reviewing the course material, the Berkely campus officials decided the class promoted open discussion and didn't push a political agenda." (UC Berkeley reinstates Palestine class, rejecting pressure from pro-Israel group, Wilson Dizard,, 20/9/16)

Free speech 1, Zionist bullying 0

[*See my 16/9/16 post Let's Have a Course on Startup Nation Instead.]

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Grappler said...

An isolated incident, I'm afraid, MERC. I've just read this

It says it all. How will it end?