Thursday, September 1, 2016

Is Australia's Foreign Policy for Sale?

This is certainly concerning:

"The role of Chinese donations to Australian political parties has been in the spotlight, with Mr Swan, a former treasurer and deputy prime minister, warning foreign donations could be 'skewing' Australian democracy. Last week the ABC reported $5.5 million had been donated by Chinese interests to the Labor and Coalition between 2013 and 2015. 'I certainly think we should be having a stronger debate about the role of political donations and how that potentially is leading to political decision-making being skewed in favour of foreign countries,' Mr Swan told the ABC." (Senator had Chinese interests pay for part of his travel bill, Latika Bourke, Sydney Morning Herald, 31/8/16) 

But would either the ABC, Wayne Swan or the Herald ever question the role of Zionist donations to LibLab in skewing Australia's political decisions in favour of Israel?

Even with this appearing on the same website and on the same day as the above:

"Most of the world considers the Jewish settlements on the West Bank to be illegal, a conclusion that the Israeli government rejects and which Foreign Minister Julie Bishop - who is about to visit Israel and the Palestinian territories before attending the launch of the EU-Australia Leadership Forum - has questioned." (As Julie Bishop prepares to visit the Holy Land, one village tells whole story, William Booth, Washington Post/Sydney Morning Herald, 31/8/16)

You may recall Bob Carr in his Diary of a Foreign Minister quoting Kevin Rudd as saying that one fifth of the money raised for his 2007 election campaign had come from the Jewish community. (See my 20/4/14 post The Carr Diary 12: Reflections 6.)


Grappler said...

Thinking this over today, I decided that the comparison between China and Israel is not so straightforward. China gains influence mainly by donations, Israel by threats: if you do not toe the party line on Israel your political career will be destroyed by the Zionist-controlled media. Zionism is the new orthodoxy and heretics will be subjected to the inquisition.

MERC said...

Correct. Israel here has an infinitely more entrenched and sophisticated lobby, with a horde of carefully cultivated useful fools and cheerleaders in the ms parties and media. I doubt the Chinese Communist Party could match it in a million. Labor has yet to find its Jeremy Corbyn. The closest we've come so far is Bob Carr.

Grappler said...

MERC, Labor will only find a Jerey Corbyn when Australians stop believing the Australian mainstream media. I have otherwise very intelligent liberal (with a small "l") friends who believe everything
The Guardian or The Age/SMH says on the Middle East. I have slightly less liberal friends who likewise believe The Australian. I think it will take at least another 10 to 15 years for that to change. In the UK, there is a much stronger grassroots movement of people disillusioned with the status quo and disbelieving of the media that promote it.

MERC said...

True. But for me "very intelligent" must encompass 'critical-thinking' (really grappling with an issue?) and 'well-read', increasingly rare commodities in an era of digital dementia.

Anonymous said...