Monday, September 26, 2016

Who Now Controls Mount Thardah?

FYI. Here is the first ever reference to the ISIS takeover of Syrian positions on Mt Thardah (following the American/Australian/Danish 'accidental' bombing of Syrian army positions there) I've seen in the Australian ms press:

"Syria and the US have been at loggerheads since an airstrike by the coalition hit Syrian troops... on Saturday. US officials said the attack... was accidental and the warplanes intended to target ISIS positions. Russia said the strikes killed more than 60 Syrian troops and, afterwards, ISIS militants briefly overran regime positions." (Defiant or delusional? Assad rails against the West, Ian Phillips & Zeina Karam, AP/The Australian, 24/9/16)

Briefly overran? Is this deliberate disinformation, or is the devastated Syrian army now back in control Mount Thardah? That'd be quite a comeback, would it not?

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Grappler said...

I was briefly listening to an ABC news bulletin today. Turnbull was going on about how Syria and Russia had to agree to a ceasefire. They have agreed to two such and on each occasion the US and its agents have used it to reinforce the terrorists - and in one case attack the Syrian Army.

Then the ABC for the millionth time used a SOHR (aka Rami Abdul Rahman) story about civilians killed in the Syrian/Russian air attacks. Why don't they tell the truth? They could say that a man in a garret in Coventry has told, just as he has many times before, that on the basis of his reading of the tea leaves and looking in the crystal ball, he has discovered that civilians have been killed. It is really getting ridiculous! Who pays for the ABC? I and my fellow taxpayers do. I want it to tell me the truth.

Grappler said...

Related to my rant about the ABC, check this out:

I wish the West had statesmen (I use the term advisedly) like this - ones that put the long term interests of their country first!

Grappler said...

Great piece on the "white helmets" here:

I doubt if you will hear this on the ABC or read it in The Australian.