Sunday, September 25, 2016

Tweet of the Week

From George Galloway (25/9/16):

Hats off to Ken Stott!!

"We got off to a flying start this afternoon when actor Ken Stott, performing at The Theatre Royal, made a point of 'engaging' with us, only to aggressively screw up our leaflet, criticise Israel's treatment of Palestinians and eloquently tell us to 'Take your f*****g leaflet and stick it up your f*****g arse.' - Sussex Friends of Israel"

Why these pests were buzzing around The Theatre Royal at the time is unclear.

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Grappler said...

Meanwhile look at the (of course totally unbiased) Independent front page the day after a landslide victory for Jeremy Corbyn:

Most if its commenters are disgusted. As for me, this is the final straw. I will get my UK news elsewhere - though I'm running out of ideas.