Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Penny's Stuck

I've been thinking about Bob Carr's limited understanding of Zionism and its apartheid colonial-settler project in Arab Palestine, Israel. His 2014 Diary of a Foreign Minister, for example, condemns only what he refers to as "the hard-line, Likud-aligned pro-Israel lobby."

I just wonder whether the man who (along with Bob Hawke) started up Labor Friends of Israel back in 1977, but is now (following his clash with Australia's Israel lobby during his stint as foreign minister) the patron of Labor Friends of Palestine, will ever come to see that political Zionism, in whatever guise, Likud or Labor, is toxic to the core, and that a real friend of Palestine cannot also be a friend of Zionist Israel. (See my 9/11/14 post Bob Carr: Nagging Questions Remain.)


Kosta said...

Another among anti-Zionist Zionists\Zionist-lite?
Zionist with guilt pangs?
Reformed Zionist?
Saboteur in a movement seeking justice?

Or a typical "objective/unbiased" politician... any way the wind blows?

MERC said...

"Anti-Zionist Zionist"? A contradiction in terms.

Grappler said...

Let's give Bob C the benefit of the doubt. In my youth, I was taken in by the Zionist propaganda - making the desert bloom, the idyllic kibbutzim, etc. This was Camelot - a utopian society. Of course, it was all lies, as anyone not too lazy (as I was then) to do the homework would have understood. I too would have been a friend of Israel in 1977. But at least Bob learned as I did. It is the ones who are unable, or more likely, unwilling for their own political ends to learn that we should be attacking. It is the cynical Danbys and the Gillards that are the real enemy. It is not in Bob's interests, if he has any more political ambitions in Australia, to be pro-Palestinian, but he is. Good for him! The power structure in this country is unerringly pro-Zionist, and woe betide any politician that does not toe the line. He has had his "road to Damascus" moment and decided that morality is more important than political capital. Let's cheer when we hear that from a politician. Perhaps he is still enough of a politician still to realise that he cannot win the war all at once, but he can win a few battles. If he can get the Australian public to realize that Likud is fundamentally evil, he will be doing a great service to Palestinians. Let's support him for this. If he can move public sentiment (and the ABC) that far, the Palestinian cause will eventually win. It only needs a few cracks in the edifice before it starts to crumble. If not, there is no hope for Australia vis-a-vis Palestine, and it will be left to other countries, less dominated by Zionism, to take the lead.