Thursday, February 2, 2017

His Secret Love's No Secret Anymore

The ABC's 7.30 just got steamy.

Steamy, but nice steamy, know what I mean?

Nice, as in Doris Day singing:

Once I had a secret love/ That lived within the heart of me/ All too soon my secret love/ Became impatient to be free/ So I told a friendly star [of David?]/ The way that dreamers often do/ Just how wonderful you are/ And why I'm so in love with you...

Sophie McNeill: "The relationship between one of Australia's richest men and the Prime Minister of Israel can be traced back to a star-studded dinner held in Mr Netanyahu's honour in March 2014. The evening's host was Hollywood producer and Israeli billionaire businessman Arnon Milchan. There, but hiding from the cameras, was the party's co-host, James Packer." (James Packer caught in middle of Israeli political scandal, 31/1/17)

Raviv Drucker: "He's not Jewish, but there was a very immediate chemistry... between him and Mr Netanyahu..."

OMG, those dreaded Israeli pheromones have done it again!

Sophie McNeil: "The relationship quickly developed. Mr Packer purchased a million-dollar beachfront mansion in Israel, right next door to the private home of Mr Netanyahu... Then, in March 2015, James Packer was a surprise guest in the audience as Mr Netanyahu addressed the US Congress in Washington... [He] then appeared at another speech Mr Netanyahu gave to the UN General Assembly, standing with senior Israeli officials and the Netanyahu family. Questions began to be asked."


Sophie McNeill: "Raviv Drucker is one of Israel's most acclaimed investigative journalists... His report on James Packer's relationship with the Prime Minister caused shockwaves across Israel. The report alleged the Australian billionaire showered lavish treatment on the Prime Minister's family, particularly on his 25-year-old son, Yair..."

Ain't love grand?

Doris, if you please?

Now I shout it from the highest hills/ Even told the golden daffodils/ At last my heart's an open door/ And my secret loves's no secret anymore...


Grappler said...

"James Packer's lawyer asked about arranging citizenship or residency in Israel for the Australian billionaire, the country's Interior Minister says, in a move that could bring Mr Packer significant tax benefits."

Bibi needs to realize that there is no such thing as unconditional love.

MERC said...

Geez, G, you're sooo unromantic. Don't tell me you don't believe in "chemistry."

Anonymous said...

Perhaps James Packer could arrange for their mutual friend, Lachlan Murdoch, to join with himself and Netanyahu in a threesome?

But they shouldn't bring James Murdoch along after James was outed speaking truth to power regarding the Palestinians at the private dinner with his father and the war criminal Tony Blair.

The elder "Murdoch was at one point putting the traditional very right-wing view on Israel and the Middle East peace process and James said that he was 'talking f---- none sense.' [Rupert] Murdoch said he didn't see what the Palestinians' problem was and James said that it was that they were kicked out of their f------ homes and had nowhere to f------ live."

Murdoch, Son Differ Sharply Over Israel, Josh Gerstein, NY Sun, July 25, 2007.

I assume James Murdoch has not been invited back to No 10 for dinner since 2007 by any of the subsequent occupants.

Grappler said...


"I assume James Murdoch has not been invited back to No 10 for dinner since 2007 by any of the subsequent occupants."

I doubt it too. "I am a Zionist" Davo:

Followed by even more Zionist Theresa: