Friday, February 17, 2017

Trump's Palestine/Israel Policy in a Word



Grappler said...

From Angry Arab:

"In Arab social media, there is really cheering: Palestinians and Arabs (who--unlike Arab oil and gas correspondents in Western capitals don't act at royal orders) were cheering the end of Oslo and the American shooting down of the two-state illusion. People are more than happy that Palestinian struggle can go back to where it was before Oslo: a struggle for the full liberation of every millimeter of Palestine and the establishment of one secular democratic state where Jews and Arabs can live in equality and where no religious identify of the state (be it Jewish or Muslim or Christian) will be allowed. This will be accompanied by full return of Palestinian refugees to their homes, and where the immigration to Palestine will be subject to the consent of the majority of the population (as it was envisioned after ten years by the McDonald White Paper)."

As someone on MoA said, Trump's position on I/P is pretty well aligned with Iran's. And Trump just dumped the most Iranophobic member of his government: out like Flynn! Unfortunately, not original.

MERC said...

If only. All I see in Trump is total ignorance and vacuousness. He's a complete zero. Netanyahu can, and will, read anything he likes into Trump's delphic utterances.

Anonymous said...

Trump seems to be 'negotiating' himself. A one state 'solution' is anathema to all Zionists who will do almost anything to avoid it, even to the point of actually negotiating for two states. This is opposed to decades of talking about negotiating and blaming the occupied Palestinians for failure. The Geneva Conventions prohibit the occupied from 'negotiating' away ANY of their territory.

The black South Africans could not be reasonably asked to hand over any of their territory under duress, why should the Palestinians?

I support a single state with equal rights for all its citizens, regardless of race or religion. Free Palestine -- all of it. Give the Palestinians back their property.