Wednesday, February 22, 2017


"'The circumstances of the times... do appear to create the opportunity where perhaps the moons are aligning such that this could be a good time... for the parties to come back to the table and reach an agreement,' [PM Turnbull] said. 'But, of course, as with any agreement, it takes two to tango'." (Benjamin Netanyahu attacks former Australian PMs' calls to recognise Palestine, Ben Doherty,, 22/2/17)


"Mr Shorten said he would press Mr Netanyahu on the vexed issue of Israeli settlements. 'I will make it clear to Mr Netanyahu that where settlement-building is an obstacle to a two-state solution, it should be stopped. Full stop,' the Opposition Leader said." (Netanyahu visit to see tightening of security ties, Paul Maley, The Australian, 21/2/17)

"In public though, discretion was the better part of valour. The opposition leader thought the parties ought to return to direct negotiations and refrain 'from actions that jeopardise this.' He meant aggressive settlement building of course. But best not to mention the s-word, not while polite people are having a bite of lunch. Bibi might not like it." (Get on with it, Bibi: Turnbull's message to Netanyahu on peace deal, Katharine Murphy,, 22/2/17)

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