Thursday, February 9, 2017

There's No Business like (Israeli Apartheid) Show Business

"It took 3000 [Israeli] police to clear the isolated hilltop of protesting [Israeli settler] youths." (Knesset passes West Bank land law, William Booth, Washington Post/Sydney Morning Herald, 8/2/17)


Oh, I see. One to dispense tissues. One to serve cool drinks. One to apologise profusely. One to...

After all, G-d himself gave this land to these gilded youths with Brooklyn accents, don't you know?

Just ask them and they'll tell you: "The Amona settlers said God had promised the land to the Jews and denied the Arab claims." (ibid)

Meanwhile, on the other side of the apartheid wall, only a handful of Israeli troops are needed to keep the G-d forsaken Palestinian untermenschen in line.

In fact, only 4 Israeli ubermenschen were needed when the 17-year-old Palestinian youth, Qusai al-Imour was SHOT 6 TIMES while resisting the Israeli OCCUPATION of his ancestral homeland:

"A human rights group has demanded that the army investigate the killing of a Palestinian teen after footage showed soldiers dragging the youth's bullet-ridden body to their vehicle with his head banging on the ground. Only then did the soldiers offer medical care." (Video shows Israeli soldiers dragging Palestinian teen shot in clashes, Jack Khoury & Gili Cohen, Haaretz, 17/1/17)

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