Wednesday, February 22, 2017

What Kind of Government is This?

1) It invites the head of an apartheid state for a visit.

2) Even before the war criminal arrives, its PM rolls out the welcome mat in the form of a fawning column in today's Australian (Israeli PM's visit cements a warm, old friendship), in which he gushes such guff as the following:

a) "Our friendship is as old as the state of Israel itself."

b) "As a majority Christian nation, we share the rich cultural inheritance of the Bible, its stories and values a foundation and a context for our history, our literature, our imagination."

c) "Israel is a miraculous nation."

d) "In a region racked by war [Israel] succeeds as the sole liberal democracy, a world leader in every field of science and technology, its culture of innovation the envy of the world."

e) "My government will not support one-sided resolutions criticising Israel of the kind recently adopted by the UN Security Council and we deplore the boycott campaigns designed to delegitimise the Jewish state."

f) "We believe that with so many other, more destructive and intractable disputes in the Middle East, this is a time when Israeli and Palestinian leaders... should return to the negotiating table and work towards a solution that upholds the rights of both peoples to live side by side in peace and security."

Now if wealthy Zionist donors had at least paid for all this grovelling by covering the Liberal Party's 2016 election expenses, I could maybe half understand 1) and 2), but face it, PM Trumble had to dig deep into his own pocket for $1.75 million to cover those costs.

Please explain... someone?... anyone?

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Anonymous said...

Rambaming does not entail taking some oaths?
"When I colour the map of the world, I colour Australia the same colour as the United States," said Netanyahu. 'Our' most faithful and loyal colonies.