Friday, February 3, 2017

Independent, Fearless Journalism, Guardian-Style

"Become a supporter. Support our independent, fearless journalism in Australia," pleads the ad on the Guardian Australia website.

I wonder, though, what happened to that independent, fearless journalism when the Guardian reported on the recent case of the Quebec terrorist, Alexande Bissonnette as follows:

"Those who know Bissonnette have described him as pro-Donald trump, anti-immigration and sympathetic to the far right." (Fox News tweet made no mention of the other man arrested after Canadian PM's office steps in, Ashifa Kassam, 1/2/17)

The Guardian left out the fact that Bissonnette was an admirer of Israel and its army. To learn about that one has to go to the Electronic Intifada website, where Ali Abunimah points out that:

"Quebec media have pointed to the Facebook page of Bissonnette [which] showed that Bissonnette has 'liked' a number of political figures and entities which, if taken as signs of his views, may indicate far-right leanings. His 'likes' include the official Facebook pages of Trump, Le Pen, the 'Israel Defence Forces' and a group called 'United with Israel'." (Quebec mosque attack suspect liked Trump, Israeli army, French far-right, 30/1/17)

For those with eyes to see, Zionism and far-right extremism are natural bedfellows. See my 19/4/12 post 'Our Zionist brothers'.


Anonymous said...

"When the truth is replaced by silence the silence is a lie", Yevtushenko, Soviet dissident poet.

MERC said...

Well put - the sin of omission.