Friday, February 3, 2017

Why Didn't Malcolm Just Ring Jared?

"Do you believe it? The Obama Administration agreed to take thousands of illegal immigrants from Australia. Why? I will study this dumb deal." (Trump tweet 2/2/17)

So Trump's effectively told Turnbull to fuck off and hung up on him. And everyone's surprised? Why?

Face it, Turnbull's the cringing, servile head of a mercenary vassal state, located halfway up the POTUS's posterior, and Trump's a bloke with a God complex. That fateful phone call could only ever have ended in tears for Turnbull.

I mean, just listen to this sycophant:

"[Turnbull] added he had enjoyed his interactions with Mr Trump, saying Australia's alliance with the US remained 'rock solid' and was based on generations of commitments, service, courage [sic] and partnerships between the people." (Donald Trump slams 'dumb' refugee deal with Australia after 'worst' phone call - Donald Trump's America, ABC News, 3/2/17)

Seriously, what was Turnbull thinking?

All the klutz had to do was cast his mind back to the American-accented words of Rabbi Wolff, delivered at Bondi Junction's Central Synagogue on December 30 last year. The UNSC had just passed Resolution 2334, slamming Israeli settlements as a "flagrant violation of international law," and Turnbull was at the synagogue, kippah on head, lapping up the following words of Rabbi Wolff:

"Earlier today I received a phone call from the Prime Minister. He said that he wanted me to know that he was thinking lots about us during this most turbulent week for Israel & the Jewish People. How truly heartwarming when Israel found itself isolated from foes and allies alike. There was one voice of morality, a voice of justice that refused to be silenced, and that voice is the voice of our country, Australia, under the stellar leadership of our Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and his Foreign Minister Julia [sic] Bishop."*

That's right, Israel & the Jewish People!

Turnbull had inexplicably forgotten that no man cometh unto the POTUS but by "Israel & the Jewish People."

Fair enough, you might argue, but how could he possibly have forgotten Trump's unambiguous tweet on the subject of Resolution 2334 (which will surely be the leitmotif of his Middle East policy: "Stay strong Israel, January 20th is fast appearing!"

Really, it's not Trump, but Jared Kushner he should've rung.

Had he done so, Jared would have cooed reassuringly: 'Don't you worry, O Voice of Morality, O Voice of Justice, O Voice of Australia. Relax, Valiant Friend of Israel & the Jewish People, I will intercede with the POTUS on your behalf, OK? It's in the bag, already! Just give me five, and I'll ring you back, OK?'

Maybe there's still time.

[*See my 30/1/16 post Turnbull 'Govt' an Ethical & Moral Black Hole.]

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Grappler said...

Off topic, MERC, but an issue you raised a few days ago. Here's an interesting article by Jonathan Cook on Netanyahu's problems and his dealings with James Packer.