Friday, May 25, 2018

Guilty... of Being a Palestinian

Rhetorical question: Could there possibly be a meaner, more miserable bastard in Australian federal politics than Peter Dutton? If further confirmation were needed, here it is:

"Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has intervened to overrule the Administrative Appeals Tribunal after it ruled that a Palestinian man once jailed for belonging to a terrorist group and planning to kill people in an attack inside Israel was entitled to move to Australia on a partner visa. The Australian has confirmed through a departmental source that Mr Dutton has cancelled the visa application of a man known in tribunal documents only as Mr Khalil, after deciding that he posed a threat to Australia's national security.

"The move to veto the AAT followed a review by the minister of a... tribunal ruling that disputed the fairness of the Israeli justice system and rejected a military court's finding that the 30-year-old man from the West Bank was part of a terrorist cell. Yesterday, Mr Dutton attacked the decision of the AAT and accused some of its members of not upholding community standards. He suggested a clean-out of members of the tribunal appointed by the former Rudd and Gillard governments." (Dutton steps in to reject terror cell man's verdict, Simon Benson, The Australian, 24/5/18)

Dutton, btw, was rambammed in 2008.

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