Saturday, May 19, 2018

Israel's Contractors in the UN

The UN Human Rights Council has just voted (29 to 2, with 14 abstentions) for a Commission of Inquiry into Israel's 2018 massacres in Gaza.

It's important to know who those 2 are - the United States, predictably, and a certain other shitty little settler-colonial state known as Australia.

Of the 14 abstentions, the stand-out has to be the UK, which single-handedly created the Palestine problem over 100 years ago and, to this day, not only accepts no responsibility for its worst ever colonial crime, but chooses to avert its gaze from the latest killing spree by that shitty little settler-colonial, apartheid state in the Middle East known as Israel.

Well said:

"This was a chance to put principle before politics and Australia blew it. This was not about targeting Israel but targeting human rights violations. When security forces opened fire on protesters who pose no imminent threat, they must be held to account." Elaine Pearson, Human Rights Watch Australian director


Anonymous said...

Well, of course Britain needs to save face after creating the bloody tragedy that is Palestine and the consequent human misery permeating the Middle East today. However, for Australia to vote with the US is beyond despicable, it is deplorable. Turnbull has been Trumped, and Australia has been conscripted. So let's acquiesce, dismiss our autonomy, our values, and get on that train to 'Make America Great Again'.

Anonymous said...

Last week, 'her husband posted remarks on Facebook, saying " the video of my wife Sara on the suffering of animals, created waves in Israel and abroad and reached all the way to Australia. Her friend - the wife of the Australian Prime Minister - Lucy Turnbull called my wife and promised to help remedy the wrongs'".' It seems that the problem the Palestinians are having in the UN is that they're not SHEEP! See article posted at