Saturday, May 12, 2018

No, No, Babette

She was born in India, but lives in Toorak, Melbourne. She's pro-life, and she haunts the letters page of Murdoch's Australian. Her name is Babette Francis.

Now, despite the fact that in the land of her birth 3 teenage girls have been raped and burned alive just this past week, Babette's got her knickers in a knot over women in... Iran. Enjoy:

"Heading my list of Mother's Day gifts is for democracy in Iran and freedom for Iranian women from the compulsory wearing of the oppressive hijab. Each week I receive an email from an Iraqi [!!!] man listing all the human rights violations, tortures and executions in Iran. I feel helpless about doing anything to relieve this suffering. All I can do is to pass on the information to Julie Bishop in the hope that she will call the Iranian ambassador and ask for explanations. Donald Trump is correct in assuming that a regime that does not allow its women to uncover their heads is unlikely to uncover its secret progress towards developing nuclear weapons." 

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