Thursday, May 31, 2018

'If Michael Danby Had His Way... '

Labor's shadow minister for Israel, Michael Danby, is beside himself that former Labor foreign minister Bob Carr allegedly prodded Labor senators to ask questions in parliament about the prime minister's adviser on China:

"In response to the story on Monday about Carr enlisting Labor senators to ask questions about Mr Garnaut, Labor MP Michael Danby hit out at the former minister, saying his 'false-flag intervention gives chutzpah a new meaning'* 'Bob Carr is a pro-Beijing extremist paid by the pro-Beijing think tank, Australia China Relations Institute (ACRI),' Mr Danby said." (Turnbull's adviser targeted by spies, Nick McKenzie, Sydney Morning Herald, 30/5/18)

Typically, though, when it comes to Australian politicians travelling to Israel, being 'briefed' by God knows who while there, and returning home to 'push' the government to adopt Israel's every foreign policy whim and wish, Danby is noticeably silent:

"As a result of [senator Leyonjelm's] briefings on how Australian money for the United Nations Relief & Works Agency (UNRWA) is spent, Leyonjelm says he intends to push the government to cease funding the organisation." (See my previous post.)

I'll leave the last word on Danby to Bob Carr: "If Michael Danby had his way we'd be running a Cold War with China, the RAAF would be bombing Tehran and the Australian defence forces would be manning the Gaza fence." (Turnbull's adviser targeted...)

[*Actually, I thought Danby had given chutzpah a whole new meaning when, in 2016, he obtained sick leave from his parliamentary duties only to be found out (by colleagues concerned about his health) attending a conference in Israel. See my 20/10/17 post Michael Danby's Magical Mystery Tour.]

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