Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Today's Australian Protests for Palestine

60 defenceless Palestinian protesters were martyred yesterday, and 2,771 wounded, in Israel's 70-year-old Gaza Ghetto by US-backed, -financed, and -armed Zionist fanatics.


For simply upholding Article 13 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: "Everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own, and to return to his country."

PROTEST this latest Israeli massacre today.

Adelaide: Parliament House steps 5pm
Brisbane: King George Square 5.30pm
Hobart: Parliamentary Lawns 5.30pm
Melbourne: State Library 9.30am-1.30pm
Sydney: Sydney Town Hall 6.30pm


Grappler said...

I note that the ABC has downgraded 52 to "dozens". The morning shift came on and decided that it was too antisemitic to say 52.

MERC said...

The spineless, self-censoring ABC (like the Fairfax press) continues on its journey to irrelevance.

Grappler said...

Since al Jazeera became very much a tool of the Qatari government
I have looked there less, though recently, after the spat between Qatar and SA it has improved a little.

Here is an interesting report in al Jazeera on the countries that attended the opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem.


Australia did not attend - good! Nor did any Western European country - unless you count Austria. No doubt the attending African countries were bribed.

Grappler said...

The key difference between the al Jazeera and ABC headlines is that the ABC uses the passive and al Jazeera says who is doing the killing.