Monday, May 21, 2018

Simply the Best, Better than All the Rest

"Labor frontbencher Anthony Albanese has indicated Labor would have split from the US and backed a United Nations investigation into the killing of dozens of Palestinians in Gaza, arguing Israel's actions were damaging the country's reputation." (Albanese demands vote explanation, Michael Koziol, Sydney Morning Herald, 21/5/18)

Really, if damage to Israel's reputation is Albanese's best argument for Australia voting (in the UNHRC) for an investigation into Israel's latest massacres of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, I'd hate to think what his worst might be.


Anonymous said...

Albanese is trying avoid the anti Semite tag. But how cowardly and obnoxious our politicians are when they mobilise into outrage over live sheep exports, yet remain impotent to the horrendous violence and death in Gaza. Australia finally has a delegate at the UN, so why are we undermining International law, war mongering for the US and condoning Israel's brutality?

Grappler said...

Slightly off topic, MERC, - well almost everything is about one topic these days. Petrol prices have just jumped by about 20c per litre from an already high level in Melbourne. No doubt this can be ascribed to many different factors and there are good environmental reasons for the prices to be high, but the average aussie would not be too happy if they were told that a significant factor is the tension in the Middle East. And that means largely Syrian war and Iran sanctions (and perhaps a bit about Yemen). The overriding reason for both of these is Israel.