Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A Tale of Amazing Grace: The Pennies Who Once Were Lost But Now Are Found

Hallelujah! Herewith a tale to warm the cockles of one's heart:

"Prominent Australians have stopped buying Fairfax Media's The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age over their bias against Israel in the Middle East conflict. One of Australia's leading immunologists, highly regarded professor Ron Penny, and his wife, Naomi, said they stopped their subscription last week after a life spent reading The SMH. 'We've been married 54 years and we've had the Herald on our kitchen table all those years, and before that my parents bought it,' Ms Penny said. 'It's 75 years of receiving The SMH daily six days a week. After reading the Mike Carlton article and seeing that cartoon, we decided that whatever happens we cannot possibly subscribe to a publication that could print anything as totally ignorant and odious as that. Thank god we can live without that horrible publication.' Professor Penny said as soon as they had cancelled the Herald, they immediately subscribed to The Australian. 'We're very pleased that your source exists, otherwise where would we have the opportunity to be comfortable that we're reading information that is unbiased and not as disgusting as at Fairfax and the ABC?' he said." (Furious readers desert Fairfax, Sharri Markson & Darren Davidson, The Australian, 4/8/14)

Amazing grace, how sweet the sound... Seventy-five years of wandering in the media wilderness before reaching the promised land!

Now that the penny's finally dropped for the Pennies, and they've jointly fainted into the several waiting arms of Greg (Jerusalem Prize) Sheridan, Rebecca Weisser, Gerard Henderson, Christian Kerr, Bill Leak and the rest of the 'Praise Israel and Pass the Ammo' Brethren over at at The Australian, they can spend the rest of their lives sitting back and wondering how it was that they were able to live all those years with "that horrible publication" poisoning the Herzlian sanctity of hearth and home.

But there's more! Now you know for a fact why the usual suspects pulled all stops out to save Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act. Don't say I didn't warn you:

"Members of the community have lodged separate complaints with the Australian Press Council and under 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act... A senior member of the community said an official course of action was still being determined. 'The organised community is still getting legal advice and looking closely at its options,' he said." (ibid)


Mannie De Saxe said...

Where to start?
In order not to write that which would take pages, I will put the facts as much as possible.
There are somewhere between 100,000 and 120,000 Jews in Australia. Most are distributed between Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, and many of them are from South Africa - somewhere around 40,000.
St. Ives in Sydney's North Shore and Caulfield and surrounds in Melbourne's bayside suburbs and you have covered a fair spectrum.
Many of the South African Jews were comfortably off and racist - zionist and anti-black. Many have families in Israel and many have sons who have gone to Israel to help Israel get rid of the Palestinian "problem".
Sound like apartheid South Africa translating into apartheid Israel? Of course.
Then we get to the Fairfax media in Sydney and Melbourne and articles and cartoons which are immediately labelled anti-semitic.
We have heard it all before.
Leunig's cartoons, now Le Lievre's ( I wish I could get hold of the one causing the latest screeching - I would put it on my blog and web pages!) and articles condemning apartheid Israel's slaughter of hundreds of men, women and children locked in the world's largest concentration camp - sound familiar?
Maybe I should stop before I have an apoplectic fit! and the Penny family thinks Rupert Murdoch's papers will be more Israel supportive and Israel friendly? Only if there is money in it!
Mannie De Saxe, South African Jew (anti-zionist, anti-apartheid, pro human rights for all)

Anonymous said...

This is the 'community' that complained about the 'use of a religious symbol' in the cartoon.
It seems that the Likud Lobby wants it both ways : one minute a religion , the next minute
ditch the religion bit and go for the race.
As in race discrimination.

Vacy said...

I'd put a penny on the bet the pennies will be getting a free trip to israel with a front stall seat in Sderot.

Anonymous said...

Looks like it , doesn't it .
Looks like a pretty corny stunt .
Either that or whatshisname is unknowingly being manipulated which , I suppose , is just as likely
There's not a lot of thinking going around these days , is there ?
I've seen this before .