Saturday, August 30, 2014

Simpkins & Kerr Play Tag for Israel

How wonderful to know that federal Liberal MP Luke Simpkins (Cowan, WA) is toiling away for the good of the nation... the Israeli nation that is:

"The parliamentarian who discovered that a photograph of children killed in Syria had been used to illustrate a bulletin attacking Israeli action in Gaza has dismissed the apology from the group responsible. Australians for Palestine hit out after The Australian revealed Liberal Luke Simpkins' find yesterday. It described The Australian's report on the photo as 'scurrilous'. Mr Simpkins contacted the email bulletin's sender, Sonja Karkar, on August 12 when he discovered the photo had been used as far back as November well before the latest Gaza strife [!]. Ms Karkar responded the same day, admitting to the error. She promised to correct the record in her next bulletin to MPs and others, but no clarification appeared when it was issued on August 18. In an email yesterday, Ms Karkar said 'events overtook me' and insisted the use of the image from Syria was 'inadvertent'. 'There was no intention to deceive,' she said in the email. Mr Simpkins noted the apology had only now been made, and it was only in response to the story in The Australian. 'AFP had the chance to respond to The Australian before the story was published and they chose not to do so,' he said." (Gaza apology 'too late', Christian Kerr, 29/8/14)

Rambammed in 2012, Simpkins, a former army officer, has had Israel's back ever since, declaring that Iran - yes, Iran, not Israel - "has a sense of entitlement as the dominator in the region." And because he's heard that Iran wants to wipe poor little Israel off the map, he's used his parliamentary perch to call for increased sanctions against Tehran.

Now I wouldn't want to give the impression that Israel is Simpkins' only interest, OK? So to round him off, I should point out that he's also warned that Australians are unknowingly being converted to Islam by eating Halal meat. (To view my Simpkins file, simply click on the label below.)

And how good is it that the Australian's Christian Kerr is pursuing this matter of national importance!

Funny, but I don't remember Kerr pursuing The Daily Telegraph when it printed the photograph of a Boston marathon bombing victim with Mike Carlton's head on August 7, prompting its editor to apologise for making such an "inadvertent" mistake. (See Mike Carlton calls Daily Telegraph 'scum of the trade' as editor apologises for photoshopping his face on Boston bombing victim, Mumbrella, 8/8/14)

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