Wednesday, August 20, 2014

PAGS Press Release 1

19 August

Palestine supporters will not be silenced in the fight against Israeli apartheid

"In a setback for civil liberties, NSW Supreme Court judge Peter Hidden today handed down a decision against a protest organised by the Palestine Action Group Sydney.

"Damian Ridgwell, who appeared in court on behalf of the group, said that 'While mindful of the court's decision, we will pursue whatever avenues are open to us to exercise the right to protest. We will decide tonight on the form our protest will now take. But make no mistake, this decision will not silence us.'

"The PAG will be making their voices heard tomorrow night to protest against the Israeli Film Festival, which opens at the Verona Cinema in Paddington. Damian Ridgwell stated, 'That this event would be hosted in the immediate aftermath of Israel's obliteration of almost 2,000 Palestinians, over 400 of whom were children, is deeply offensive.'

"Ridgwell went on to add, 'Now the reopening of Israel's bombing raids has taken more Palestinian lives. Cultural events like the IFF are designed to whitewash Israel's genocide against the Palestinians. We intend to publicly counter this vile propaganda.'

"The IFF is run by the Australia Israel Cultural Exchange, which was launched by Benjamin Netanyahu, the war criminal who has presided over the current massacre of Palestinians in Gaza. While Israel denies the Palestinians their freedoms, cultural or otherwise, people of conscience must boycott Israeli cultural and academic institutions."


One has to ask oneself here why it is that only rallies in support of Palestine are receiving this extraordinary level of attention from the NSW police. If you believe with Dr Phil that the best predictor of present and future behaviour is past behaviour, you might like to peruse the following posts of mine, beginning with Israel 101 for Cops (28/10/11), followed by NSW Police Seek to Can Nakba Commemoration (13/5/12), Police v Langosch (16/5/12) and Nakba Day Backlash 1-3 (17-19/5/12). Simply click on the 'NSW Police' label below.

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