Thursday, August 28, 2014

What Planet Does Kim Williams Live On?

Kimberley Lynton Williams again*:

"Kim Williams has broken his silence on News Corporation, criticising newspaper editors for failing to understand the advertising model he introduced at the company. In a fiery interview, the former News Corp Australia and Foxtel chief executive said he found highly offensive 'conspiracy theories' that he had leaked News Corp's 2013 financial results to generate publicity for his new book, Rules of Engagement. The results showed a sharp drop in revenues and profits across News Corp's flagship Australian newspaper between the 2012 and 2013 financial years, which many blame on the advertising sales model Mr Williams had introduced." (No leak nor any cause for regret: Kim Williams, Sharri Markson, 25/8/14)

Look, I really don't give a rat's about what's going on between Williams and News Corpse, except to say that if Williams has had some kind of hand (unwitting to be sure) in the inevitable and deserved demise of The Australian and The Daily Terror, then well and good. It's really only what the following snippet says about Williams that's prompted this post:

"A vast media consumer, Mr Williams said the current flurry of commentary on Israel and Gaza had moved to extreme polarity, where commentators adopt opinions first and information later. 'There has been a long vein in the Australian media of anti-Semitic coverage and it is an enormously troubling thing, he said. 'I am probably unusually and acutely sensitive to anti-Semitic coverage because I feel quite strongly about it and it is something that has to be held up whenever it happens'." (ibid)

Seriously now, WTF is this bloke on about?

Here he is, a "vast media consumer," including a stint as CEO of a corporation that spits out Islamophobia and Arabophobia on a daily basis, and all he can see is "a long vein in the Australian media of anti-Semitic coverage."

So where is this alleged "long vein of anti-Semitic coverage" to be found? The Fairfax press? The ABC?

You're kidding me!

[See my 24/8/14 post News Corpse.]

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