Friday, August 29, 2014

The SMH: Ignorant. Always.

What a useless, sodding rag the Sydney Morning Herald is.

At least when you read the Murdoch press you know what you're getting: unqualified, knee-jerk support for Israel, with lashings of Islamophobia. It comes with the territory.

But isn't Fairfax supposed to be different? Something other than a mere conduit for the Zionist talking point of the day, which involves conflating Islamic State and Hamas? Isn't it, as it boasts on its masthead, 'Independent. Always.'? Apparently not.

The Herald's editorial of August 27, Muslims are allies in fight against terrorism, begins thus:

"The world now has proliferating self-declared caliphates, or Islamic states. In Nigeria Boko Haram militants who have murdered thousands since 2009, declared a caliphate in the north-east of the country. [Its leader] praised the leader of the Islamic State, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, who has declared a caliphate across parts of Syria and Iraq. In Yemen, an affiliate of al-Qaeda has announced it will declare a caliphate in territory it controls... There has been pitiless violence in the past week involving groups which invoke Islam to justify their violence... In Gaza, Hamas executed 20 Palestinians who it claimed had been collaborators with Israel..."

This, mind you, from a paper that has had SFA to say editorially about the pitiless 5 weeks of carnage and devastation wrought by the forces of the Jewish caliphate of Israel on the largely defenceless population of the Gaza Strip.

By witlessly (?) conflating the Palestinian resistance with lunatic, sectarian outfits such as Boko Haram, Islamic State and the rest, the Herald is simply acting as another Israeli propaganda outlet. And this so soon after the relentless hounding it was subjected to by the Zionist Murdoch press over the fearless commentary of columnist Mike Carlton and cartoonist Glen Le Lievre on Israeli genocide in Gaza.

As for Hamas' execution of collaborators, it need only be asked: what resistance organisation in history has not done this?

Offing collaborators was in fact an integral part of the Zionist movement's modus operandi in the 1940s.

Here for example is an extract from the Wikipedia entry for Lehi aka the Stern Gang:

"According to a compilation by Nachman Ben-Yehuda*,Lehi was responsible for 42 assassinations, more than twice as many as the Irgun and Hagana combined during the same period. Of those Lehi assassinations that Ben-Yehuda classified as political, more than half the victims were Jews."

And here's the testimony of a former Lehi operative, Maxim Ghilan:

"There ensued a period of confusion, not devoid of internecine fights and back-stabbing. The fear of agents and CID provocations took its bitter toll in men and mood. The renascent band of underground fighters had to become more secretive, more ruthless, more close-knit, in order to survive. More than one innocent paid for this state of affairs with his life. After a while things sorted themselves out. A shadow started spreading over Palestine - the shadow of a company of men prepared to do anything to bring about the creation of the State of Israel and the end of the Mandate. And anything - or everything - they did. They killed civilians, they kidnapped enemies, they executed traitors, they laid bombs, they assassinated the British Commissioner for the Middle East, Lord Moyne, in Cairo." (How Israel Lost Its Soul, 1974, p 100)

[*Political Assassinations by Jews: A Rhetorical Device for Justice (1993), p 397]

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