Sunday, August 24, 2014

News Corpse

Thus spake Kim Williams, former chief executive of Murdoch's News Corp, publisher of The Australian, on the subject of digital vs print media:

"In a digital sphere, nothing and no one is safe. Merit, ingenuity, speed, flexibility now rule the day in the media. This is, on the one hand, a good thing because it is giving unparalleled empowerment to invention and creativity, with the opportunity of entirely new ways of working and connecting. On the other hand, a well developed sustainable model for commercial delivery of serious independent journalism, as we have known it, is yet to emerge in the digital sphere." (Commentary on financial leaks a festival of vengeance from New Corporation, Sydney Morning Herald, 22/8/14)

What struck me here was the reference to "serious independent journalism, as we have known it." (I'm assuming that's the royal we.)

Known it where?

Surely not at News Corpse.

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