Monday, September 15, 2014

Herzl's Unquiet Grave

I couldn't let this one pass... The latest issue of The Australian Jewish News features an ad for the United Israel Appeal (UIA) with a portrait of Zionist godfather Theodor Herzl.

He left a legacy..., says the ad,

What about you?

You can connect your legacy to Israel forever 

The image of the brooding, bearded author of the 1896 pamphlet Der Judenstaat (The Jewish State) got me thinking about Herzl's legacy, today's theocratic, militaristic 'Jewish state' of Israel.

Mindful of the twin threats of theocracy and militarism, the secular Herzl had asked in his pamphlet:

"Shall we end by having a theocracy?"

He answered confidently:

"No, indeed. Faith unites us, knowledge gives us freedom. We shall therefore prevent any theocratic tendencies from coming to the fore on the part of our priesthood. We shall keep our priests within the confines of their temples in the same way as we shall keep our professional army within the confines of their barracks. Army and priesthood shall receive honors high as their valuable functions deserve. But they must not interfere in the administration of the State which confers distinction upon them, else they will conjure up difficulties without and within."

Herzl must be turning in his grave right now.

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Anonymous said...

Most states have an army. The Bandit State is an army with its own state.