Saturday, September 20, 2014

Shocking Evidence of Tanya Plibersek Under the Influence

The debilitating influence of Ziocane on Tanya (Once was warrior) Plibersek, opposition leader Bill Shorten's sidekick, is only too apparent in this lethargic response to a question about Gaza:

"Well, I think with over a thousand deaths and pictures every day of bodies being carried from rubble, including many, many children, I think the international community is very concerned with the level of civilian deaths and particularly the level of children who have been caught up in this conflict." (Tanya Plibersek speaks to Insiders,, 27/7/14)

How lame is that? When it comes to Jewish State's genocide in Gaza, Tanya can't even bring herself to name it as the perpetrator. Bodies are "carried out" of the rubble, but quite how they got there she cannot say. The once bright eyes glaze over and she just mutters vaguely about some "conflict" in which the victims have somehow been "caught up." And while that nebulous entity "the international community" may be "very concerned" (as usual), there's certainly no sign here that Tanya is. Clearly, the woman who once referred to Israel as a "rogue state" is not herself.

Once out from under, however, Tanya's a different person entirely:

"There are confirmed instances of IS engaging in widespread ethnic and religious cleansing, targeted killings, forced conversions, abductions, human trafficking, slavery, sexual abuse, and the besieging of entire communities... Australia and the world have a responsibility to protect and an obligation to act." (Iraq, Syria & the Islamic State: why Australia has an obligation to act, Tanya Plibersek,, 18/9/14)

What a transformation! Now there's a spring in her step and a sparkle in her eye. She has no problem naming Islamic State, rattling off its crimes, or calling for the entire world, including Australia, to act, NOW!

Nasty stuff that Ziocaine.

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Anonymous said...

Freaking transformative stuff .
But it resulted in the limp retirement of a once-warrior , which is a shift onto the dark side - that's progress in the wrong direction .