Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Phillip Adams on the Indoctrinated

"The terrorists in al-Qa'ida and ISIS are deranged. So, sadly, are the kids with their matchboxes - and the occasional adult arsonists hiding among the 'first responders' in our volunteer fire brigades. A few, a very few will be identified and charged, and some will be convicted and lightly punished. Others will be sent off for psychiatric help. If only they could be accompanied by those Australians who are heeding the call of the so-called 'Islamic State'. The government is understandably concerned by the indoctrination of local youth who head off to Iraq or Syria, though we've not expressed concern about generations of young Australian Jews who've headed for Israel to join the army." (Up in flames, The Weekend Australian Magazine, 20/9/14)


Anonymous said...

and openly recruited in Australia, despite the law.

That Law is the [Crimes] Foreign Incursions and Recruitment Act, look it up.

Even the feeble old Cossack who self recruited to join the pro Russians had a visit from police.

Some groups are in fact above the law. You know who.

Do not fear. The new laws will exclude those joining the IDF on warlike operations. It wil be especially crafted to exclude joining or recruiting for the IDF. However our media will not notice.

Anonymous said...

They have not expressed much concern either for the continued existence of Hizb ut-Tahrir, even when it was parading children with placards asking for the beheading of those "insulting Islam" (in Sydney!). And Hizb ut-Tahrir has the same goals as ISIS,ISIL,DA╩┐ESH!

Anonymous said...

Romulus My Father author Raymond Gaita volunteered for 73 Yom Kippur as "rear support". goy drank the coolaid, and never knew the narrative was indeed that, a "narrative" and a myth.

MERC, correct me if I am wrong, but were not the only people thrown into the sea, the Palestinians "fleeing" Jaffa in '48?

And if Abdul Nasser did infact say the bellicose "throw into sea" remark in Egypt, and Egyptian literature, Counterpunch had an article, and could find no record of this calumny. but but but, he did indeed, (i am serious and not ironic now) Nasser did say some rhetoric for domestic consumption that was pumped up chest belligerence that would potentially have invoked the Elders of Zion tropes and racism/anti-semitism. Just so I am clear on the rigour of this post. It would not have been inconsistent, for want of a term.

I just wished to channel the Counterpunch article on this inverted calumny/elders/anti-semitic trope that has been heaped on the long suffering Palestinians in the blame-the-victim leitmotif

re: Ray Gaita
I believe he has held chairs in ethics at different faculties of philosophy he works at. And only the quite large and prestigious colleges/universities will have a specific Chair. tho, the AusCatholicUniversity's Chair is the exception to the rule.

so, is he fundamentally different to Hicks and Habib in 2001?