Friday, September 19, 2014

Israel's Victorian Campuses

Are Victoria's universities about to become Israeli-occupied territory?

Deconstructing Talks to halt uni anti-Semitism (18/9/14) by The Australian's Christian Kerr:

"University chiefs and Jewish community leaders have vowed to work together to tackle campus racism..."

Shouldn't that be alleged campus racism?

"... after talks organised by the Victorian government. The meetings follow a surge in anti-Semitism incidents at universities..."

Shouldn't that be an alleged surge in anti-Semitism?

"... since the recent round of strife in Gaza erupted in July."

Strife, FFS!  Only in The Australian.

"Liberal MP David Southwick..."

And co-convener of Victoria's Parliamentary Friends of Israel...

"... who convened the meeting with state Higher Education Minister Nick Wakeling, said the meeting had created a positive dialogue between university administrators and Jewish students."

Zionist students.

"'No student should feel like their university, a place of learning and development, is a hostile environment where they are targeted because of their race, religion or sexuality,' he said."

Of course not... but what about contesting their politics?

"The meeting discussed the formulation of a of a similar statement to the London Declaration on Anti-Semitism that has been signed by parliamentarians globally for universities."

I see, the Israeli government-generated document that incorporates "rhetoric and political action against the state of Israel" in its definition of anti-Semitism.* Right...

"Matthew Lesh, of the Australian Union of Jewish Students, praised the meeting."

 Matthew Lesh? Never far from the scene of...

[* See my 17/5/13 post The Tel Aviv Declaration on Combating Criticism of Israel.]


Anonymous said...

this is redolent of that SBS Dateline program about a decade ago?

Campus Conflict. Columbia Unbecoming. It had David Horowitz and Daniel Pipes and The David Project as the collegiate equivalent of the ADL and Abe Foxman.

Here is the original program. It was 2006.

Anonymous said...

MERC did I leave the youtube link?