Sunday, September 7, 2014

Simple Simon, Again

Daily Terrorgraph journalist Simon Benson last came to my notice with a series of blatant propaganda pieces for Israel in 2012. (Click on the 'SB' label below and be amazed at what a little rambamming can do.)

Just to remind you, here's Benson back then:

"The difference is that one side fires indiscriminate rockets into civilian populations with the express intent on terrorising people or killing them. The other side seeks to defend itself and makes mistakes and kills innocent civilians." (See my 8/12/12 post Innocents Abroad.)

Now he's come up with this little gem in an admiring opinion piece on Tone's "tough stance against Russia":

"The last time the Australian Defence Force was deployed to a conflict that involved the West taking on Russia was World War 1." (Muscling up as a mid power, Daily Telegraph, 5/9/14)

That's right folks - Russia! And all this time you thought we'd been fighting the Germans.

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