Friday, September 12, 2014

Whipping Up Fear & Loathing in the Abbottoir

"Suspicion, scepticism, resentment. These are the sentiments that best describe the reaction of Australia's Muslim community to the news Australia's terrorist alert level is poised to go from medium to high, the first such change ever." (Muslim leaders sceptical of threat, Paul Maley, The Australian, 11/9/14)

I wonder why?

Well, wouldn't you be suspicious, sceptical and resentful after reading the following?:

"A small number of Islamic radicals have 'settled plans' to conduct terrorist attacks in Australia, bolstering the case for the nation's spy chief to recommend an increase in the terror threat level, which could happen as early as tomorrow... The move will come a day after AFP counterterrorism officers conducted raids across Brisbane, and on the 13th anniversary of the September 11 attacks in the US..." (Terror attack 'plans' in place, Paul Maley/Cameron Stewart, The Australian, 11/9/14)

OMG... settled plans? Head for the hills!

But wait, what's this?:

"The Australian has been told that, while authorities are unaware of extremists 'bolting together' a bomb, ASIO and the AFP have identified a number of radicals with 'settled intentions' to perpetrate terrorist acts in Australia."  (ibid)

Uh huh. No settled plans but settled intentions. Tell me more:

"A counter-terrorism source said although the sort of plans being discussed were 'vague', the intentions were becoming increasingly serious." (ibid) 

I see, although the plans have been downgraded from settled to vague, the intentions have been upgraded to increasingly serious. Seriously

"'It's like (they're saying), 'we've got to do something, we can't go to Syria',' the source said. 'It's gone beyond bravado, they are seriously talking about it'." (ibid)

You couldn't possibly, like, make this stuff up. Wait, there's an idea...

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