Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Please Explain...

"Angela Merkel has vowed to combat anti-Semitism, speaking at a rally to condemn hate speech and a spate of attacks against Jews in Germany during the latest Gaza conflict." (Merkel's 'duty' to fight Jew haters, APP, The Australian, 16/9/14)

Work this one out if you can:

Israel conflates Judaism with Zionism and represents itself to the world as a Jewish state for Jews the world over.

Israel massacres the indigenous, non-Jewish inhabitants of Palestine over and over again for their dogged refusal to give up on their ancestral Palestinian homeland.

And yet, mysteriously, no blame accrues to Israel when Jews as Jews come under attack.

Not only that: "Many Israeli flags and placards were raised at the rally..." (ibid)

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Anonymous said...

Israelitic threats & promises , mate .
Israelitic threats & promises .
Same as Australia .
We can all see that effect on the 2 (supposedly competing) major political parties in Australia , who are beholden to the Lukid 5th Column
It's disgusting .
Makes you want to be an Eskimo , doesn't it ?