Monday, October 12, 2015

Ain't She Sweet...

See her swagger down the street (finger on trigger)
Now I ask you very confidentially,
Ain't she sweet?

Ain't she ice?
Look her over once or twice.
Now I ask you very confidentially,
Ain't she ice?

Cast an eye in her direction.
Me oh my, ain't she perfection?

- with apologies to Ager and Yellen

"Ms [Sharren] Haskell, 31, was last month sworn in as a representative for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud Party, fulfilling a political ambition that had flourished since her return to Israel three years ago. Ms Haskell spent almost 7 years living in Sydney, which she proudly calls her 'second home'. For a time she was even an Australian citizen, but Israel demands foreign citizenships be forfeited upon entering the Knesset... Ms Haskell said she had been impressed by Australian values. 'Respect the environment, respect other people, tolerance - you know, it gave me a different perspective about cultural things'... She has vowed not to be an invisible backbencher, and to use her international experience through her position on the Knesset's influential foreign affairs committee. She also wants to help broaden Israel's relations with Australia, which will be strengthened in the next month or so as the finishing touches are put on the first working holiday visa scheme." (From Bondi vet to Israel's 'snake pit', Jacob Atkins, The Australian, 5/10/15)

"As to peace negotiations with the Palestinian Authority, Haskell said she trusted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to act according to political dynamics in the Middle East as well as Israel's security needs.'We have nothing to talk about now with the Palestinians,' she added. When they stop the violence, the stone-throwing, stop encouraging terrorism and calling terrorists 'martyrs', then maybe we can sit down and discuss." (Meet Likud's newest MK Sharren Haskell,, 7/9/15)

"When she was inducted into the Israel Defense Forces, she decided to join a combat unit... Haskell says her years in the IDF at the height of the second intifada - including the terrorist acts, Operation Defensive Shield in the West Bank and the fragile truce, were all instrumental in shaping her worldview. 'You stand at checkpoints, detain people, catch suspects, attend demolitions of terrorist houses, police demonstrations, and you just keep getting beat up. All the time." (How Likud's youngest MK went from the Peace Camp to the Right, Hilo Glazer,, 29/9/15)

"When it comes to political positions, she now speaks fluent 'Netanyahu-ese' ('How can you negotiate with someone who doesn't recognize you?': 'Here we condemn and there they name city squares after muderers.') She talks of feeling a special affinity with the West Bank, which began with her military service and is now only deepening." (ibid)

Great! So here's the lovely Ms Haskell, who has/had at least two homes (Australia and Israel), who is a card-carrying member of the Netanyahu Gang, and who has told the OCCUPIED Palestinians (who have only one home - providing it's not demolished or stolen by Israeli settlers), to STFU! and accept their lot, now planning to flood Australia with radicalised backpacking thugs* who've just completed their military 'service', including some who have been involved in the smoting of Palestinians hip, thigh**, and anywhere else they can put in a bullet or a boot.

Sweet indeed...

[*See my 19/5/15 post Fugly Israelis; **See my last post.]

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