Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Every Word a Turd

Excreta from yesterday's Ziotorial in Murdoch's Australian, Knife attacks unsettle Israel: Palestinian youths have scant respect for Mahmoud Abbas:

"... stealthy stabbings striking at the heart of everyday life in Israel."

No interest here, of course, in the heart of everyday life under the Israeli jackboot in occupied Palestine.

"The anger among Palestinian youths is part of a deep-seated culture of hatred being cultivated in mosques, schools and on social media."

No, nothing to do with mosques, schools or media. They're merely responding to rissing levels of Israeli military thuggery, settler-colonial violence, land theft, and economic deprivation. It's called blowback, dolt.

"There is no hint of Islamic State involvement in the attacks..."

Why mention it then?

"... but the use of knives, screwdrivers and even a potato peeler to stab Jews is grotesque."

Of course, there's nothing at all grotesque about the astonishing array of US-supplied ordnance in bulging Israeli arsenals, everything from skunk bombs to WMD.

"From their lair in Gaza..."

Oh FFS...

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