Saturday, October 3, 2015

James Petras on Jewish Supremacism 3


"The record provides no historical basis for the claims of Jewish Supremacists.

"What has been cited as the disproportionate 'Jewish genius' turns out to be a two-edged sword - demonstrating the best and the worst.

"Claiming a monopoly on high academic achievement must be expanded to owning up to the Jewish authors of the worst financial and foreign policy disasters - they too are 'high achievers'.

"Donations from financial billionaires, all 'geniuses', have financed the war crimes of the Israeli state and made possible the expansion of violent Jewish settlers throughout occupied Palestine - spreading misery and displacement for millions.

"In fairness, the most notorious Jewish swindler in contemporary America was even-handed: 'Bernie' Madoff swindled Jews and Goys. Hollywood moguls and New York philanthropists - he wasn't picky about who he fleeced.

"The latest fashion among Jewish Supremacist 'geneticists' is to extol the discovery of uniquely special 'genes' predisposing Jews to experience the 'holocaust' and even inherit the experience of suffering from long dead ancestors. Such 'scientists' should be careful. As Jazz artist and essayist Gilad Atzmon wryly notes: 'They will put the anti-Semites out of business'.

"Ultimately, Jews, who have assimilated into the greater society or not, who intermarry and who do not, are all products of the social system in which they live and (like everyone else) they are the makers of the roles they decide to play within it.

"In the past, a uniquely disproportionate percentage of Jews chose to fight for universal humanist values - rejecting the notion of a chosen people.

"Today, a disproportionate percentage of educated Jews have chosen to embrace an 'ethno-religious' Supremacist dogma which binds them to an apartheid, militarist state and ideology ready to drag the world into a global war.

"Never forget! Racialist supremacist doctrines led Germany down the blind alley of totalitarianism and world war, in which scores of millions perished.

"Jews, especially young Jews, are increasingly repelled by Israel's crimes against humanity. The next step for them (and us) is to criticize, demystify and stand up to the toxic supremacist ideology linking the powerful domestic Zionist power configuration and its political clones with Israel.

"The root problem is not genetic, it is collective political dementia: a demented ideology that claims a chosen elite can forever dominate and exploit the majority of American people. The time will come when the accumulated disasters will force the American people to push back, unmasking the elite and rejecting its supremacist doctrines. Let us hope that they will act with passion guided by reason." (, 4/9/15)

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