Sunday, October 11, 2015

Zionism: A Bullet to the Brain

Zionism is deadly, not just to those who stand in its way, but also to its true believers. A Zionist upbringing/education/brainwashing, absent any seed of mental rebellion or spontaneous recovery on the part of the indoctrinated, is the equivalent of having your brains blown out - at point blank range.

Think I'm stretching it? Not a bit:

"Yesterday I published a post about a video that showed Israeli plainclothes undercover soldiers restraining a Palestinian youth at a West Bank demonstration and shooting him in the leg at point blank range. The youth was clutching a small stone, but was otherwise unhurt. These undercover agents are called 'mistarevim' in Hebrew (meaning disguised as an Arab)... According to reports from several sources... journalists witnessed a group of mistarevim infiltrating a demonstration in the West Bank and then suddenly producing handguns, which they shot directly at Palestinian protesters.

"At one point two of the undercover troops grab one of the young Palestinian men and restrain him, while a third presses the barrel of his handgun to his thigh and pulls the trigger. The 'pop' of the weapon is audible. Uniformed soldiers punch and kick the wounded youth and then drag him away [...]

"An astonishing number of people looked at all this evidence and refused to believe what they saw. And they were upset with the messenger, too. Yesterday +972 editor Michael Schaeffer Omer-Man and I were inundated with testy emails and social media messages from people who demanded additional evidence proving the undercover agent had really pulled the trigger and shot the boy.

"The multiple witnesses, the videos and the photographs were not enough. Some claimed they did not hear the gun being discharged. Others claimed they saw the Palestinian youth walking after he'd supposedly been shot, which proved that the undercover officer had not really pulled the trigger. On Facebook, there were long threads of comments claiming the video was fabricated, a 'Pallywood' production [...]

"So now I have Jewish friends asking me nervously what they should think. They want to believe these practices are rare and are committed by outliers who act in contravention of established procedure. but that it not the case I tell them. It's not easy for them, because most Jews cherish the idea that Israel is somehow better, or that Jews wouldn't do things like that. Too many American Jews have outsourced their identity to Israel, and now they are not sure what to do with the creeping existential crisis." (When people can't believe their eyes, it's usually ideology, Lisa Goldman,, 9/10/15)

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