Friday, October 16, 2015

Zionism Good, Homophobia Bad

We have a constant stream of Israeli Zionist apologists and boosters coming to Australia, all of whom subscribe, in one form or another, to such cherished Zionist values as Jewish supremacism, Palestinian dispossession, apartheid, occupation, colonisation, and oppression, but when one turns out to be, in addition, a blatant homophobe - well now, that's going too far. Beyond strange:

"Australia's main Jewish organisations have launched an attack on extremist Israeli politician Moshe Feiglin, who is visiting Australia to raise funds for a new political party. The former Likud Knesset member and deputy speaker is appealing to religious Jewish groups in Sydney and Melbourne to secure financial backing for his new party in Israel called Zehut (identity). Mr Feiglin wrote an article titled 'I am a proud homophobe' in 2009, and in August argued that the 'culture' of homosexuality threatened the status of the family, calling a gay parade in Jerusalem 'a clear example of coercion'. He has also called Palestinians a 'gang of bandits'. The newly minted chief minister and rabbi of the Great Synagogue in Sydney, Benjamin Elton, said Mr Feiglin was not welcome... 'I'm absolutely opposed to any sexism, racism or homophobia.' This comes after a group of 11 Zionist, Jewish and LGBTI groups condemned Mr Feiglin's Australian visit, claiming his views were not representative of Jewish values." ('Proud homophobe' faces backlash, Judith Ireland, Sydney Morning Herald, 14/10/15)

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Vacy said...

Bet rabbi Elton din't protest Feiglin's nazi vision for Gaza