Thursday, October 29, 2015

Looking for Inspiration in All the Wrong Places

"Wyatt Roy will return to Israel this week to scour the high-tech powerhouse for inspiration for the government's innovation agenda. The Assistant Minister for Innovation will lead a group of about 50 entrepreneurs, industry representatives and government envoys on a week-long expedition of the upstart start-up nation... Mr Roy will lead the Australian delegation alongside Robogals founder and 2012 Young Australian of the Year, Marita Cheng." (Roy leading delegation to innovative Israel, Frances Mao, Sydney Morning Herald, 27/10/15)

Wyatt Roy was rambammed last year. For the gory details, see my 23/6/14 post Lib MPs Blown Away by Israel. See also my 24/6/14 post Lib MPs Not Quite Blown Away by Israel.

For 'start-up nation', see my posts Mephitic Odours at Monash University (7/4/13); Upstart Nation (11/1/11); Creative Destruction (23/4/10).

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