Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Being Benjamin Netanyahu

Ever wonder what it must be like being Benjamin Netanyahu?

In public, you'd strut and swagger, glare and glower, and threaten the natives with more and more stick whenever they raised their heads:

"We won't accept that in our Jewish capital, or anywhere else in Israel, that people will throw stones at cars. Stones & firebombs are deadly weapons; they kill and have killed. Therefore, in recent days we have changed the open-fire orders for police in Jerusalem. Already over the weekend they used the new measures under the new orders and immediately hit those throwing stones and firebombs. We will continue to add forces in order to strike at rioters under a simple principle that we will begin to implement around and within Israel's borders: whoever tries to attack us, we will hurt him." (Netanyahu tweet, 20/9/15)

But at home, you'd keep your mouth shut and your head down if you knew what was good for you:

"Etti Haim, a former cook, said that the prime minister's wife hit her, and on one occasion refused to call an ambulance for an employee who had fainted. She said that Mrs Netanyahu had once thrown a tantrum because a member of staff had once unfurled a sun awning on the patio - on Benjamin Netanyahu's orders - showering the table, which had been set for dinner, with dust. 'We stood there terrified. She jerked the cloth off the table so that all the dishes, salads and pickles landed on the floor,' said Ms Haim, who was subpoenaed to testify. 'Then she said, 'You have 5 minutes to reset this table'.' Mr Netanyahu sat silently throughout the episode, trying not to make eye contact with the employee he had asked to lower the awning, Ms Haim said." (Benjamin Netanyahu's wife 'abused staff in drunken rages', Gregg Carlstrom, The Times/The Australian, 24/9/15)

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Vacy said...

Thank goodness for small mercies- that sara netanyahu isn't PM