Thursday, October 1, 2015

James Petras on Jewish Supremacism 1

Is there anyone so wise to the ways of the world as James Petras? Rhetorical question.

Here's Part 1 of my 3-part serialisation of one of his most recent essays, The Doctrine of 'Superior People': The Bond Between Israel & World Zionism. Forget the claret, it's the clarity you need:


"The single greatest feat of Israel and its overseas missions has not been material success, or the military conquest of millions of unarmed Palestinians, it has been ideological - the widespread acceptance in the US of a doctrine that claims 'Jews are a superior people'.

"Apart from small, extremist rightwing sects who exhibit visceral anti-Semitism and denigrate everything Jewish, there are very few academics and politicians willing to question this supremacist doctrine. On the contrary, there is an incurable tendency to advance oneself by accepting and embellishing on it.

"For example, in August 2015, US Vice-president Joe Biden attributed 'special genius' to Jews, slavish flattery that embarrassed even New York's liberal Jewish intellectuals.

"Israel's dominant role in formulating US Middle East policy is largely a product of its success at recruiting, socializing and motivating overseas Jews to act as an organized force to intervene in US politics and push Israel's agenda.

"What motivates American Jews, who have been raised and educated in the US, to serve Israel? After all, these are individuals who prospered, achieved high status and occupy the highest positions of prestige and responsibility. Why should they parrot the policies of Israel and follow the dictates of Israeli leaders (a foreign regime), serving its violent colonial, racist agenda?

"What binds a minority of highly educated and privileged Jews to the most rabidly rightwing Israeli regime in history - a relationship they actually celebrate?

"What turns comfortable, prosperous American Jews into vindictive bullies, willing and able to blackmail, threaten and punish any dissident voices among their Gentile and Jewish compatriots who have dared to criticize Israel?

"What prevents many intelligent, liberal and progressive Jews from openly questioning Israel's agenda, and especially confronting the role of Zionist zealots who serve as tel Aviv's fifth column against the interest of the United states?

"There are numerous historical and personal factors that can and should be taken into account to understand this phenomenon. In this essay, I am going to focus on one - the ideology that 'Jews are a superior people'. The notion that Jews, either through some genetic, biologic, cultural, historical, familial and/or upbringing, have special qualities allowing them to achieve at a uniquely higher level than the 'inferior' non-Jews. We will proceed by sketching the main outline of the Jewish supremacist ideology and then advance our critique.

"We will conclude by evaluating the negative consequences of this ideology and propose a democratic alternative.

Jewish Supremacism

"Exponents of Jewish Supremacism (JS) frequently cite the prestigious awards, worldly successes and high honors, which, they emphasize, have been disproportionately achieved by Jews.

"The argument goes: While Jews represent less than 0.2% of the world population, they have produced 24% of the US Nobel Prize winners; over 30% of the Ivy League professors and students; and the majority of major US film, stage and TV producers.

"They cite the 'disproportionate number' of scientists, leading doctors, lawyers and billionaires.

"They cite past geniuses like Einstein, Freud and Marx.

"They point to the founders of the world's great monotheistic religions - Moses and Abraham.

"They lay claim to a unique learning tradition embedded in centuries of Talmudic scholarship.

"Jewish supremacists never miss a chance to cite the 'Jewish background' of any highly accomplished contemporary public figure in the entertainment, publishing, financial fields, or any other sectors of life in the US.

"Disproportionately great accomplishments by a disproportionate minority has become the mantra for heralding a self-styled 'meritocratic elite'... and for justifying its disproportionate wealth, power and privilege - and influence.

To be continued...

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