Saturday, December 23, 2017

Great Moments in 'Back to the Drawing Board'

Oh, like, wow:

"The US has blacklisted a rogues gallery of alleged rights abusers and corrupt officials as a new global sanctions law goes into effect. US diplomats and Treasury officials spent a year compiling evidence of the most brutal and cynical crimes by 14 senior figures and dozens of companies. Then yesterday, President Donald Trump signed an executive order blocking any assets that those exposed on the list might have in banks or property on US soil... The blacklist also includes officials and businessmen from Russia, China, Ukraine, Guatemala, Pakistan, Serbia, the Dominican Republic and the Democratic Republic of Congo." (Myanmar general on rogues gallery, AFP, The Australian, 23/12/17)

But, but, but, didn't Guatemala vote with USrael in the UNGA the other day? And weren't the Dominican Republic and the Democratic Republic of Congo conveniently AWOL?

Back to the drawing board.

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