Saturday, December 30, 2017

The Pratt-Trump Bromance

By the time you swear you're his,
Shivering & sighing.
And he vows his passion is,
Infinite, undying.
Lady make note of this...
One of you is lying.
(Dorothy Parker)

Anthony Pratt today:

"Australia's richest man, Pratt Industries executive chairman Anthony Pratt, is strengthening his ties with Donald Trump, with the pair enjoying an intimate meeting yesterday at at the US President's exclusive Florida club, Mar-a-Lago... After the meeting, Mr Pratt told The Australian he had praised the President for getting his tax cuts through and 'reported progress' on his promise... to invest US$2bn in the US over the next 10 years, creating more than 5000 manufacturing jobs." (Pratt gets presidential seal of approval, Glenda Korporaal, 29/12/17)

Anthony Pratt in 2013:

"Mr Pratt told [Monash University] graduates that he could see a future for manufacturing where a factory would employ only a few people. 'The factory of the future will not employ 150 people, but only 3 or 4. Furthermore, it will be completely dark, because robots don't need to see'." (US ambassador for Pratt advisory board, Damon Kitney, The Australian, 11/10/13) (See my 14/10/13 post Showbag Bill & Pratt the Younger.)

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