Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Those with 'Foreign Policy Fixations'

Bob Carr on political donations from those with - ahem - "foreign policy fixations":

"Sooner or later Canberra is going to decide to reset its relationship with Beijing... Here are seven things that can make it possible... Two, on foreign donations... Ban those from any source that may reasonably be thought to be seeking to influence Australian foreign policy, even from Australian citizens who may have foreign policy fixations." (Seven steps to ease fears over dragon at our door, The Australian, 12/12/17)


Grappler said...

I saw an interesting remark today on a webpage (no time to find it or verify it now). The Israelis can put money in a bank account in Israel for someone living in the US - dual citizen of US and Israel. That person then makes a donation of more than that amount to a charity for which the intended ultimate recipient is Israel, and claims the tax deduction on charitable donations! Effectively this is pumping money out of US government coffers to Israel.

Anonymous said...

Wow, better than Aladdin's lamp, the US taxpayer. It's the gift that just keeps on giving!