Thursday, December 28, 2017

Guatemala: Israeli Fingerprints All Over

Some fun facts about the Israeli-Guatemalan connection:

*Guatemala, one of the 9 states that voted with the US to recognise Israel's control over Jerusalem, has now declared that it will follow Trump in relocating its embassy to Jerusalem.

*Guatemala was the first Latin American country to recognise Israel in 1948. Its UN ambassador said in October 1947: "Palestine was no more Arab than certain Spanish counties of Latin America were Indian."

*Israel's 1948 genocide against the indigenous Arab population of Palestine in 1948 is mirrored in Guatemala by its 1982-83 genocide against the country's indigenous Mayans.

*The president of Guatemala at the time was a former general and Evangelical Christian, Efrain Rios Montt (1982-83). His army was armed and trained by the Israelis.

*The current president, Jimmy Morales, is another Evangelical Christian.

*"Guatemala is to the Mayans what Israel is to the Palestinians: sanctimonious annihilators."

(Final quote and other data from The ideological reasons behind Guatemala's decision to move embassy to Jerusalem, Ahmad Moussa,, 26/12/17)


President Jimmy Morales on his decision: "Guatemala is historically pro-Israeli. In 70 years of relations, Israel has been our ally. We have a Christian way of thinking that, as well as the politics of it, has us believing that Israel is our ally and we must support it. Despite us only being nine in the world (in the UN vote), we have the total certainty and conviction that this is the right path." (Guatemala leads move to Jerusalem, AFP, AP, The Australian, 26/12/17)


From a proud Israeli Zionista living and working in Guatemala (Israel-Guatemala, a surprisingly close friendship, Marina Smolyanov, Jerusalem Post, 4/10/14)

"Even before I arrived in Guatemala, a country mysterious and foreign, I stumbled upon evidence that Israeli footprints can be found in many aspects of everyday life in the Central American country. Why, my curiosity asked, did Israel feel such an ethical, historical and economic obligation to help Guatemala resolve its day-to-day challenges? While on the plane, I met an Israeli delegation of doctors making their way to Guatemala for a unique mission - volunteering their time and expertise to perform surgery on children from poor neighborhoods in Guatemala City."

"There is a fascinating collaboration between the Jewish community and the Evangelical community of Guatemala, in support of Israel."

"... I found Israeli fingerprints in every place and in every industrial field within this wild and untamed country... "

"Many Israelis coming from elite combat units in Israel, and with a significant security background, realized that their experience is a great added value in Guatemala."

"An endearing aspect of Guatemalans is their tranquilo (quiet/relaxed) way of life. In a country surrounded by 33 volcanoes... and with the constant threat of earthquakes and floods, you try to hold on to your peace of mind and calm before nature brutally breaks the silence one day. Similarly, Israel lives with a different threat to its citizens' way of life, surrounded by hostile neighbours that have threatened to wipe us off the map. Instead of enjoying a tranquilo way of life, many Israelis live each day as if it could be their last... "

Jesus wept.

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