Wednesday, December 6, 2017

There Goes Jerusalem 1


"Donald Trump will declare formal recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel on Wednesday the White House has said, breaking with years of precedent and potentially leading to unpredictable consequences for the Middle East... In his remarks to be delivered in a diplomatic reception room in the White House, Trump will base his decision on ancient history and current political realities that the Israeli legislature and many government offices are in Jerusalem." (Trump to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital and move US embassy - White House, Julian Borger & Peter Beaumont,, 6/12/17)

Can't wait to hear about the "ancient history"!

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Anonymous said...

How long does Trump plan to stay in office? The only hope is that the US voters see through this shameful act and vote him out of office before he causes more irreparable damage to international politics. I was always fearful that this would be the outcome....and the Americans thought it was about the Mexicans and the wall, what a gullible bunch!