Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Stratton 1, Wright 0

Further to my post on the Romper Stomper remake, Shakespeare's Romper Stomper II (6/12/17), compare and contrast:

"[Australian actress Jacqueline] McKenzie demurs when it comes to discussing the outrage that followed the original film [Romper Stomper], which depicts graphic violence between neo-Nazi thugs and the Vietnamese community in Melbourne. Review's David Stratton refused to give it a star rating: in response, [director Geoffrey] Wright tipped a glass of white wine on him at the Venice film festival." (Radical reboot, Justin Burke, Weekend Australian Review, 23/12/17)

"Wright is an ardent supporter of freedom of speech and association - features of our polity that he believes attract migrants from the world's trouble spots in the first place." (ibid)

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