Thursday, December 21, 2017

Truly Vile Stuff!

What happens if Israel's occupation forces have just shot your 14-year-old cousin in the head and are hanging around your house like a bad smell?

What happens if you confront the bastards, and even slap their ugly faces?

Any decent human being would hail your courage and your spirit.

But not Ruth Eglash of the Washington Post:

"Israelis call her 'Shirley Temper' and say she epitomises 'Pallywood,' or Palestinian propaganda attempts to discredit Israel. Palestinians call her a hero, for fearlessly standing up to those who enforce the Israeli occupation of their land and those who terrorise her village. Her real name is Ahed Tamimi. And a video of her confronting or provoking Israeli soldiers - depending on how you look at it - has gone viral." (Israelis call her 'Shirley Temper.' Palestinians call her a hero, 19/12/17)

Truly vile stuff!

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Grappler said...

Again off topic, MERC, but

1. Another day of shame for Australia - it abstained on the UNGA resolution on Jerusalem. I guess we should be thankful for small mercies - it did not vote against. But note that even the UK and Germany managed to summon up enough integrity to vote for it.

2. A blatant example of the ABC's bias in matters relating to Israel:

By separating US aid into "security" vs "economic" aid and then under the former only talk about places where the US is militarily engaged, it managed to skirt around the fact that Israel is, by far, the largest ongoing recipient of US aid (Iraq is currently and temporarily leading on account of Powell's pottery barn rule). Indeed total aid to the top four recipients of economic aid is less than the explicit aid (ie omitting items like loan guarantees) that Israel received in 2017 ($3.1B per year). Under the changes implemented by Obama this will increase to $3.9B per year in 2019.