Thursday, April 7, 2016

Dennis Jensen MP: More Space Cadet than Sky Warrior

Most Liberals have a fairly shaky hold on reality at the best of times. Take, for example, the case of the recently dumped Liberal MP for the WA seat of Tangney and member of parliament's joint standing committee on foreign affairs, Dennis Jensen:

"If federal MP Dennis Jensen is dumped by Liberal Party preselectors in his blue-ribbon West Australian seat of Tangney on Sunday, he can always pursue a back-up career as a writer of far-fetched fiction. The Australian can reveal that Dr Jensen secretly used his parliamentary letterhead to seek a publishing deal for what he described as his 'controversial' first book, The Sky Warriors, about a fictional war between Australia and a coalition of Indonesia and China. And as for a Liberal MP who's being backed by the evangelical Christian Right in the coming preselection vote, the unpublished novel contains some surprisingly graphic sex scenes. One of the female journalists has breasts 'as firm as they had been in her late teens' and moans in delight as her married lover gropes 'her inner thigh until he felt the warm wetness with his hand. She pulled his trousers off, ripped the underpants off excitedly, and took him in her mouth,' Dr Jensen writes." (MP Dennis Jensen used official stationery to spruik his novel, Andrew Burrell, The Australian, 31/3/16)

As if Jensen's fantasies about the invading yellow/brown hordes and pert-breasted, hot-to-trot female journos with a taste for battered sav, aren't worry enough, allow me to remind you of this ex-South African's views on colonialism and Gaza*:

"Hell, how long ago was colonialism? Get over it... every country in the world has been successfully invaded in the past!"

"... I was in Israel... in 2005 [when] Israel allowed Gaza self-determination. I would have thought that the way in which Palestinians at that stage would have shown good will was to try to make Gaza as much as possible a model state. Instead, what they did was that they started firing rockets into Israel."

Let's hear that again:

Israel. Allowed. Gaza. Self-determination.

And just to remind you what the member for Tangney's been up to - at least while in federal parliament - since 2013:

Joint. Standing. Committee. On. Foreign. Affairs


[*See my 22/4/13 post Tony's Crew.]

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